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LarryDew wrote on 5. Mar. 2017 - 14:06
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Marie wrote on 5. Jan. 2017 - 16:35
Worst braids ever. I spent $250 for micros. The installation was painful. Called a couple of days later due to braids coming off at the bsse. The older lady reinstalled mybraids so tight that it cased my hair to break off with bumps. Dont waste your time or money.
Terrie wrote on 11. Sep. 2016 - 22:18
Just got my hair braided...nothing fancy just cornrows on my natural without extentions. Fast, professional and a fair price. I WILL return.
LADONNA wrote on 4. Jul. 2016 - 21:46
Dont waste your time or money. I've been coming to sister sister for years. They have always done a realy good job. The last few times there they had different girls do my hair and the work (kinky twist) were very poor work.
Jaman Manns wrote on 13. Jun. 2016 - 19:17
Sister Sister does amazing work! I love how fast they do my hair. Most salons I have dealt with take longer than I would like to do my hair. I love the way they do my hair and I would definitely recommend them.
Tiffany wrote on 6. Mar. 2016 - 17:56
Hair looks great not happy I was quoted one price of 180 then I get there and it's 200. Again my hair is great but get your fees together.
Ryeshia Randle wrote on 20. Feb. 2015 - 17:13
I have been coming to Sister Sister since 2008 and I always leave very satisfied. My hair has grown since they have been braiding it and I have never had any issues losing braids or with thinning edges. I would recommend them to anyone.
Monique wrote on 18. Feb. 2015 - 20:44
Great job all the time
Taura wrote on 18. Feb. 2015 - 17:13
If you want braids they can help you. I've been coming here for nearly 8 years. They are fast and efficient. Try them and you will see!
Stacy wrote on 18. Feb. 2015 - 15:00
Best place in az. they do my hair fast.nice african ladies very professional. You guys needto go check it
corrine wrote on 28. Jan. 2015 - 09:06
Whorst place ever and my braids look like shit in the back the worst ever please dont go to this place
Diane wrote on 18. Nov. 2014 - 06:11
Was not happy with my results. I feel i paid 200 dallars for a 75 dollar braid job. A few of the girls work was great that i seen. If i were to go back i would only allow the one girl who seem to run the shop domine
Sandy Rogers wrote on 1. Nov. 2014 - 18:42
GREAT Shop! Very professional ladies. Flexible scheduling. Fast braiding.
I wont go anywhere else. I'm new to AZ. I LOVE THE LADIES HERE
Nikky wrote on 10. Sep. 2014 - 11:33
I love this salon because of the job well done on my hair more than 3 visits. From micro to kinky... I was happy till the end. Thanks 2xSisters
Owner wrote on 8. Oct. 2006 - 18:26
Welcome to our salon - feel free to sign our house book - Thanks!